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Natural Cosmeticos- Royal power

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  • Complies with UK standards.
  • Designed for very curly, frizzy and thick hair.
  • Offers a smooth and relaxed result up to 100%.
  • Suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.
  • Without Formaldehyde or derivatives.
  • No need for clarifying shampoo.
  • All in one product.
  • Composed of natural ingredients.
  • Multifunctional Product.
  • Made in Brazil.

Royal Power - hair straightening 1 liter

The Royal power smoothing from Naturelle Cosmeticos, is endowed with a revolutionary technology with multifunctional action. Developed to Nourish, hydrate and smooth hair in a natural and healthy way. It is composed of royal jelly, known for the delay of cellular aging. A substance rich in vitamins, especially of group B, including pantothenic acid and vitamin B5 which help oxygenate cells.

Then, keratin mainly used in cosmetology to strengthen the hair structure and stimulate growth. It allows the scales of the hair to be reattached by acting as a protective film, which coats and sheaths the hair. Keratin also helps to waterproof the hair and make it more resistant and stronger.

Finally , TANIN a plant substance, which is extracted from the skins of grapes. It represents the main means of defense of plants against chemical attacks. TANIN treats certain diseases of the hair and scalp. The fusion of keratin and tannin offers stunning results, ultra shiny, soft and very smooth hair.

How to use:

1. No need to wash hair with clarifying shampoo. Apply the product directly to clean, dry hair.

2. Apply the product to the hair using a brush and a fine comb, from root to tip. Leave 1 cm from the root.

3. Leave the product on for 30 to 45 minutes (depending on the type of hair). Cover with cellophane paper.

4. Rinse the hair with water to completely remove the product, without using shampoo.

5. Dry the hair 100%. No need to blow dry.

6. Divide the hair into 4 parts. Take a very fine wick and smooth it 15 to 20 times (230 ° C normal hair, 180 ° C bleached hair)

7. After 48 hours, rinse the hair only with water, without shampoo. Apply a treatment without sulphate or silicone then leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse again.

8. Blow dry and style as desired.


-1 liter of Royal Power hair straightening.