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Owner of the Site: BEAUTY SOIN PROFESSIONNEL domiciled 10 rue Claude Nougaro 35136 St Jacques de la Lande, France.
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- Definitions:

Author: any natural person who has created elements on this site, in particular the authors of the texts, graphic designers, model makers and designers of the tree structure.
Browser: client software used to connect to websites.
Producer: Owner of the site, in accordance with art. L.341-1 paragraph 1 of the intellectual property code.
Site: All the resources accessible under the BeautySoin domain name.
User: Visitor of this Site and consumer of its information.

- Database law:

The entire Site is defined as a database within the meaning of the directive of March 11, 1996 and its transposition into French law in the law of July 1, 1998 (article L.341-1 and following). As such, the Producer exclusively authorizes the uses and access defined in paragraph 3 Copyright below.

Any use or extraction of elements from the Site not authorized by the Producer is illegal and punishable by the infringement offense referred to below.

- Copyright:

All the elements of the Site, in particular: graphics, wallpapers, images, logos, chips and descriptive elements, are also the subject of an intellectual property right of the Producer under the copyright on these elements or on the site as an author's work or as a database.

All texts reproduced on the Site are the property of their authors. The use of these is carried out under the usual conditions of copyright as defined by the French intellectual property code, and in accordance with the Berne Convention and subsequent international agreements, subject to what is assigned to the next paragraph.

Any other use of the content on the Site requires the agreement of the Producer and the Authors concerned.

Any use, even in a private capacity, of all or a substantial part of the Site requires the agreement of the Database Producer, in accordance with the provisions of art. L.342-1 of the intellectual property code.

Any breach of the rules of copyright or database law is punishable by criminal penalties for the offense of counterfeiting, without prejudice to any claims for damages from the rights holders.

- Trademark law:

All the brands mentioned on this Site belong to the organizations which registered them and are only mentioned for identification purposes.

- Personal data - Declaration to the CNIL:

Purpose of processing the information collected: In accordance with art. 32 of the law of January 6, 1978, personal data are collected exclusively for internal use.

Data controller: The owner of the Site referred to above
Right of access: The exercise of the right of access and rectification provided for by law can be exercised at the address BEAUTY SOIN PROFESSIONNEL 10 rue Claude Nougaro 35136 St Jacques de la Lande.

Site declaration: This Site and the processing of this data have been declared regularly to the CNIL.

- Responsibility:

The content presented on the Site is under the sole responsibility of their Authors. The information, comments and opinions they contain are their sole responsibility. The responsibility of the Producer can not be engaged because of these.
The Producer can not be held responsible for the information, comments and opinions expressed on the sites to which he points by hypertext links and of which he has no editorial control.

The Producer cannot be held responsible for the faulty transmission of data due to the various networks of the Internet or to incompatibilities due to the User's browser.