- What is a titanium hair straightener?

Many of us are looking for hair straighteners that do not damage or break our hair.Which straightening iron to choose among all the models, prices, brands ... that are offered to us?
We have selected for you one of the best hair straighteners! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a hair straightener ...

What are the benefits of titanium?

Titanium straighteners allow hair to benefit from several benefits ...

To begin with, titanium allows very rapid heating and offers efficiency and comfort during straightening, given the lightness of this material.

In addition, the titanium plates ensure a very smooth passage without catching on the hair. After a few 2-3 passes, the hair becomes smooth, soft and shiny. Finally, titanium is a material that ensures strength and longevity.

For what type of hair?

Titanium hair straighteners are compatible for all types of hair, even the most rebellious and curly. In addition, titanium is light and ensures very good heat conduction, which smooths the hair well and in a completely homogeneous way for impeccable straightening, without frizz and that lasts.

We advise you e titanium hair straightener

• XL plate for easy and effortless straightening.

• Floating and smooth plates for a perfect glide on the hair for styling without frizz and a tenfold shine.

Ultra fast heating time, 30 seconds.

• High temperature up to 232˚C.

• Designed to be light.

• Titanium plates for a period of 3 to 5 years.

• Digital temperature display (LED).

360 degree swivel cord.

• Professional extra-long 2.5m cord.

• Auto standby mode, the hair straightener turns off if not used for 30 minutes.

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