- Sebum treatment, "No Poo"

During this period of confinement, many people take the opportunity to space out or even remove their shampoos. You would have understood it ! We talk about the method "No Poo". In this new blog article, we will explain what this technique consists of, how to proceed and what are the benefits to have just sublime hair!


This concept came directly from the United States, "No Poo" is the diminutive of "No shampoo". The equivalent for us in French "Pas de shampoing".

This method consists of not washing your hair with shampoo for a period ranging from 10 days to 3 months, or quite simply replacing conventional shampoos with softer products (solid shampoos, dry shampoos, etc.)

Who is this method for?

This method is intended for all people who wish to take a sebum cure and take a break from the use of shampoos to sublimate and hydrate the hair naturally.

Often, shampoos are full of surfactants that irritate the skin and mucous membranes such as ammonium salts, sulphate… This is why it is advisable to use softer, sulphate and silicone-free shampoos.

How to proceed ?

During the day, brush your hair twice a day to spread the sebum from roots to ends.

While showering, wet all of your hair with water, then apply your usual care (conditioner, mask or detangling ...) leave on for 5 minutes and massage the scalp.

Rinse well with water, while brushing your hair to remove any excess oil and care.

This technique can be supplemented by a natural scalp scrub, recipe available in the <beauty tip> part of our site: https://beautysoin.fr/pages/4-gommage-du-cuir-chevelu .

Two weeks later, it is possible to use a mild or solid shampoo available online or in the organic departments of your supermarkets.


- Limits hair breakage.

- The hair rests from harmful products (silicone, paraben, sulphate, etc.)

- A cure to regulate the sebum of the scalp.

- The hair is soft and silky.

- An eco-responsible gesture.

- Share with us your “No Poo” experience by leaving a comment!

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