- How to grow your hair?

We all dream of beautiful, long hair! However, sometimes it is difficult to grow our hair the way we want ...
Ladies, here is a tip that I adopt 3/4 per month to have long, strong and silky hair.
    • 10 ml * of castor oil.
    • 10 ml * of coconut oil.
    • 10 ml * of Argan oil.

    * Variable according to the length and thickness of the hair.


      Mix the 3 vegetable oils in a container. Apply it to the roots and massage the scalp well, in order to penetrate the oils and activate blood circulation ... Then apply it to the lengths and ends as well. Good

      brush hair to distribute the mixture evenly. Then, make a braid or a bun, if you are in a hurry, put cellophane paper all over your head and cover with a hot towel to activate the absorption of the oils, leave on for 2 hours then shampoo ...

      If you are doing this on weekends, it is best to sleep with a whole night for a better result. At night, the pores of the scalp dilate, which allows greater absorption of oils and therefore a more effective result. Finally, the next day do 2 shampoos to thoroughly clean the hair.

        • 3 to 4 times a month.

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