- What is Japanese Straightening?


    Japanese straightening is a permanent straightening that changes the structure of the hair. It is a process that allows hair that is difficult to style to be straightened in a lasting way. This treatment technique will guarantee you relaxed hair and a stiff effect like chopsticks.

    Japanese smoothing is concentrated in silk proteins. It is an irreversible technique, which therefore makes it possible to permanently stiffen the hair.

    Since Japanese smoothing is considered permanent smoothing . After the past 6 months the lengths will still be as smooth, however it will be necessary to maintain the roots which will have grown in a natural state.

    Who is this smoothing intended for?

    It is not intended for all hair types, unlike Brazilian straightening. It is particularly recommended for those who have very curly, frizzy and frizzy hair.

    This treatment is not known to be harmful, but it is not recommended to apply it to colored, bleached and sensitized hair. Also in pregnant and breastfeeding women. During pregnancy, certain hormones develop resistance in the hair, which has the effect of canceling the action of straightening products or at least reducing it.

    It is not recommended in particular for children under 14 years of age in whom the hair has not reached its final shape.

    What do we do next?

    It is essential to respect a few rules to make Japanese smoothing last ...

    First of all, to maintain the smooth side of the hair, avoid washing and tying it up for (2-3 days) after treatment.

    Then, for the duration of the smoothing (6-8 months) it is important to use a shampoo and a mask based on keratin and devoid of sulfates and silicones .

    The absence of these ingredients will allow the straightening to last longer and preserve the health of the hair. Care based on collagen and silk protein are highly recommended for post Japanese smoothing maintenance.

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